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Anyone can fly!

Join us on a dance journey to the skies! Visit our high-ceiling dance studio in Kennedy Town for a unique aerial arts experience.

NEW: We now have a second location in Sheung Wan called Aeria Atelier. We have a lot of pole dance classes there, as well as aerial and flexibility training. It is also available for whole room rental. 

See our schedule here 看時間表

Book Now: New students can enjoy 1 trial class for $100 only!

Whatsapp us at 9165 0152 

Email us at

Vibefam member? Log in and sign up 直接登入報名區 to our classes directly. 


Aeria Studio, shop 2, G/F, Cadogan, 37B Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town.

Aeria Atelier, Room 1101, 11/f, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan.


For our most up-to-date schedule go directly to our Vibefam site by clicking below.

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Our founders are highly experienced aerialists and instructors who can take people from all walks of life and turn them into elegant dancers in the air! Their classes have a wonderful inclusive atmosphere and are full of laughter and good vibes. We welcome men and women, kids and adults -- no matter who you are, we've got a class that suits you! 


See our weekly class schedule 看時間表 and book now 立即報名.



All instructors were trained by our founders to provide you with the best aerial arts experience!


Inna is the ultimate pole and aerial superwoman! Originally from Russia, she has won many titles, and has performed and taught around the world. Inna is known for being a friendly and extremely motivating coach for pole, aerial, and contortion. Come experience one of her classes, full of good vibes and positive energy. She's got the magic touch to take you to the next level.

Inna teaches in English.

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To Tracy the language of pole and aerial is an expressive and powerful way to connect and to create. "Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." After winning the champion title in Pole Sport Organization Level 3 in 2019, she has been teaching pole and aerial arts all over Hong Kong and gained a loyal following for her beautiful sequences and her warm personality.

Tracy teaches in English and Chinese.

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Natasha is our resident circus gal! Her multiple circus skills and her decades of dance experience make her classes incredibly dynamic. She has extensive professional circus experience, including performing at the Chimelong International Circus Festival and the AIA Great European Carnival. She is an international dance teacher and she speaks English and Chinese.



Joyce is a highly active dancer and aerialist in Hong Kong. She has been teaching, performing and creating circus community spaces for circus enthusiasts in the city and is known for her warmth, positivity, and professionalism. Try one of her classes to have all your aerial technique questions answered, and embrace the joy of dancing in the air. Joyce speaks English and Chinese.

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First-time Visitor

New to the studio? Take our $100 trial class. It can be applied to any class on our regular schedule. Limited to 1 per person.

Valid 14-days.


1 point = $110

Buy 1-8 points and enjoy a 14-day validity.

Our aerial, pole and specialty classes cost 3 points ($330), all other classes cost 2 points ($220). 

Adults Classes Discount Packages

  • Buy 1-8 points, valid 14-days

  • Buy 9 points, get 5% off: total $940, valid 1-month

  • Buy 21 points, get 10% off: total $2079, valid 2-months

  • Buy 36 points, get 15% off: total $3366, valid 4-months

  • Buy 48 points, get 20% off: total $4224, valid 5-months

Private Classes

1 person $800 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm only, weekdays, last booking must start on or before 4:00pm)

1-2 persons, anytime:

Buy 1-3 hours, $1000 per hour

Buy 4-7 hours, $950 per hour

Buy 8-11 hours, $900 per hour

Buy 12 hours or more, $800 per hour

Additional student: $400 per person, per hour

Kids and Tweens Group Classes

  • Drop-in: $330 for 1 class

  • Buy 4 classes, get 10% off: total $1188, enjoy a 3-month validity

  • Buy 8 classes, get 15% off: total $2244, enjoy a 4-month validity

  • Buy 12 classes, get 20% off: total $3168, enjoy a 5-month validity

Room Rental

All hours, whole studio rental only


Aeria Studio, Kennedy Town: $350/ hour

Aeria Atelier, Sheung Wan:

Buy 1 hour: $198/hr (30-day validity)

Buy 2 hours: $178/hr (30-days validity)

Buy 3 hours: $149/hr (45-days validity)

Buy 8 hours: $999 total! (60-day validity)

Aeria Unlimited Pass Banner.png

DAYTIME UNLIMITED* For $2978, access all regular classes on weekdays, Monday to Friday before 4pm at all locations. Valid 30-days
30-DAYS UNLIMITED* For just $4288, attend as many regular classes as you wish, at all locations. Valid 30 days.

60-DAYS UNLIMITED* Our best value package! For $8148, get 5% off and access all regular classes at all locations. Valid 60-days.

* Terms & Conditions:

  • Daytime Unlimited and 30-Days Unlimited are valid for 30 consecutive days.

  • 60-Days Unlimited is valid for 60 consecutive days.

  • If only one person is signed up to a class and that person is an Unlimited Pass holder, we reserve the right to cancel the class.

  • While we aim to maintain a full and varied schedule, class availability is subject to change. In the event that preferred options are not available, the Unlimited Pass cannot be extended.

  • No sharing, refunds, transfers, extensions, or exchanges.

Aeria Kids Circus Summer Camp.png

Are you looking for a summer filled with laughter, growth, and unforgettable memories for your child? Look no further!

Kids love to challenge their bodies and their minds, while having loads of fun! Our program teaches foundational circus skills, emphasising acrobatics and aerial arts. Kids will learn to tumble and contort in a safe and nurturing environment. More than just building strong and flexible bodies, our experienced instructors aim to foster good self-esteem, confidence, and positivity in our studios.

Kids Acrobatics

Have kids who just love to move? Let them explore their physicality to the max, learn to control their limbs, find balance through their core, and start to do fantastic circus acrobatics tricks on the ground!

Kids Aerial Arts

Aerial arts combine the beauty and self-expression of dance, with the adrenaline rush of doing acrobatic tricks while hanging off the ground! First-timers will learn how to safely go upside-down at a low height close to the safety mat, while more experienced circus kids will be challenged with tricks and transitions.


Kids Acrobatics Age 4-5

Daily, 10:00-11:00am 1hr, Aeria Atelier Sheung Wan

Week 1: July 8-12 

Week 2: July 22-26 

Kids Acrobatics Age 6-11

Daily, 9:30-11:30am 2hrs, Aeria Studio Kennedy Town

Week 1: July 1-5 

Week 2: July 29-August 2

Kids Aerial Hammock Age 6-11

Daily, 9:30-11:30am 2hrs, Aeria Studio Kennedy Town

Week 1: July 8-12

Week 2: July 22-26


Kids Aerial Hoop Age 6-11

Daily 9:30-11:30am 2hrs, Aeria Studio Kennedy Town

Week 1: July 15-19

Week 2: August 5-9

Friday Presentations

In every Friday class, our young circus stars can showcase the skills they learned to their family and friends! Kids must attend one full week (5 classes) to join the presentation — circus skills take time and repetition to perfect!

Drop-in Price

Drop-in to any one day class:

Ages 4-5: $330 (1hr) 1 credit

Ages 6-11: $660 (2hrs) 2 credits


Join 3 classes or more, get 10% off

Join 10 classes or more, get 15% off


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Total Rookie

So this is your first aerial class -- welcome to the club! This is the first brave step towards a life of flight! Maybe it's even the first time you've done any exercise in a long while (you can admit it to us!) or perhaps you just took a very long break from your aerial training. So let's start at the very beginning with all the fundamentals in our Level 0 Basics classes.


Beginner Struggles: 1-4 months of classes

You know the difference between a Russian and a French climb, and you're kinda sorta starting to get the hang of a straddle invert. But inverting from the air seems impossible and spinning makes your mind blank. Better stay in Level 1 classes and become more familiar with your apparatus.


Getting The Hang of It: 6 months of classes

Alright, things are beginning to make sense! Being 4 meters off the ground no longer scares the hell outta you and inverting in the air actually finally happened! Maybe you're working on meathooks and hipkeys, trying out a few drops here and there. You've arrived at Level 2, my friend.


Aerial Addict: 1 year or more of training

There's only one cure for your addiction -- training, training, and more training! Conditioning is your religion and the studio is your church. Level 3 aerialists have their basic skills down pat and are working on seamless transitions, silky-smooth flows, and daring drops. They should have stamina for 2-3 minute sequences in the air.

Hoop Steph DSC_8156.jpg

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


For class bookings and all other inquiries just send a Whatsapp message to the numbers below and us directly.

Shop 2, G/f Cadogan, 37A Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


Whatsapp only: 9165 0151 || 9165 0152

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Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, Aeria Studio has been nourishing the local aerial arts community for the past 6 years. We are one of the top aerial arts schools in Hong Kong and we have launched the career of many local aerialists. We have expanded to provide even more expert aerial classes and now, offer pole classes at our new location, Aeria Atelier in Sheung Wan!

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